Five tricks to accelerate decision-making in Excel

In a world of information overload, it’s critically important for an executive to sift through heaps of data to find the few golden nuggets of meaningful insight. Here are a few tips to help the busy executive achieve this using Microsoft Excel.

  1. Spot trends fast: In most cases, it’s the trend that counts – not the heap of numbers. Transform an entire column of data into a single cell using Sparklines (Select cells > Insert > Sparklines)
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words: Instantly chart a mass of data by selecting the cells and hitting F11
  3. See it coming: Tell the future fast with Linear Forecasting (Select chart > Layout > Trend Line > Linear Forecast)
  4. Analysis at a glance: Get an instant view of what’s working and what’s not by selecting cells and hitting conditional formatting
  5. Don’t look at more than you need to: Siphon required information from a pivot table speedily by using Slicer (Insert > Slicer)