Ten tricks in MS Office that save time

Taking into account the time spent in Microsoft Office, here’s a list of the top 10 shortcuts a speedy exec cannot do without:

  1. Format a cell fast in Excel: Ctrl + 1 is the same as right-click and format
  2. Move to the bottom of a table without all the stops in Excel: Ctrl + ↓ to get to the bottom cell
  3. Concerned about spelling in Excel? Simply hit F7 to run a quick spell check
  4. Quickly select a column in Excel: Shift + Ctrl + ↓ highlights a column until the last cell of a table
  5. Avoid an unnecessary selection in Word: Simply double-click a word to select just the word
  6. Precision select a block of text in Word: Select an entire paragraph is one go by triple-clicking inside the paragraph
  7. Get screenshots into your Word document with ease: No need to leave Word looking for the Snipping tool. Simply hit Insert > Screenshot.
  8. Instantly create a new slide in Powerpoint: Ctrl + M gets you a new slide in a flash
  9. Quickly start a presentation in Powerpoint: There’s no need to hover clumsily over your Powerpoint slides with a mouse pointer. Just hit F5 to get your slides going fast!
  10. Get your slides going from the right spot in Powerpoint: Shift + F5 starts a presentation from the current slide, without the need to move back through slides in front of an audience.